Effective 31 May 2011, Stone House Consulting, LLC is closing its doors.
Please click here to read a copy of the letter we sent to clients with additional information.

Breadth of knowledge. We have proven, hands-on experience across all instrument types and all investment vehicles, including institutional separate accounts, mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity funds and SMA (‘wrap’) accounts.

First-hand experience. We have worked as consultants -– and we have worked on the buy side. We understand the competing demands, requirements, deadlines and priorities that our clients face every day. And we have seen the pitfalls first hand.

The Cornerstone program. Our flagship program, Cornerstone, is designed to ensure asset managers reduce their costs by 10-30% within a year.

Benchmarking and research. Through our exclusive partnership with Investit, we are pleased to offer several global benchmarking and research products to assist managers with evaluating where they are relative to industry best practices and their peers within the industry.

Stone House Consulting was founded in September 2008 in the midst of significant market turmoil. Please see our vision to understand why.